Sexual Monogamy

A relationship between two persons who are sexually exclusive with each another and have no outside sexual partners
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However, the discussion regarding sexual monogamy is very important for FWBs in regards to whether or not condoms are used.
If we can get the tobacco industry to admit that smoking really isn't good for our youth, and if we can get the alcohol industry to admit that drinking should be done in a responsible manner, then why can't we get advertisers and mass media to help us not only by promoting condom use but by promoting sexual monogamy, which really can turn the tide?
Various authors have begun to question the institutionalization of sexual monogamy as an essential or "natural" model of social and reproductive organization.
Sexual monogamy is culturally based but the emotion of falling in love crosses all human barriers.
But as Barash and Lipton suggest, sexual monogamy is more apparent than real.
There's a difference between emotional monogamy; and sexual monogamy," argues Cohen.
But if by marriage you mean a piece of paper signed in a fluorescent-lit city hall, that remnant of medieval property law that held that a woman is the chattel of her husband, that codified yardstick used as a moral bludgeon by bully preachers, that restrictive moral interpretation that perversely asserts marriage is marriage only if there is sexual monogamy, a line on a Federal 1040 form, and the intrusion of the state into those aspects of my life that are most sacred, mystical, and holy--if this is the kind of nonsense you mean by marriage, I am against it with all my heart.
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