Sexual Impropriety

A form of sexual misconduct defined as expressions or gestures that disrespect privacy and are sexually demeaning; the term overlaps with sexual harassment, and is probably a synonym thereof
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Sadly, Oxfam is not the only such group that has had levels of misconduct and sexual impropriety levelled at those who are charged with aiding and abetting those most in need.
And now his mishandling of this episode is going to get renewed attention every time there's a fresh sexual impropriety scandal, which is just about the last thing this administration needs right now.
Last fall, two of Quebec's most well-known celebrities also left their jobs amid accusations of sexual impropriety.
Award-winning drama House Of Cards will continue as a spin off series - despite the exit of shamed star and producer Kevin Spacey for sexual impropriety, Netflix have vowed to develop a new political drama based on the hit series.
One is the startling revelations in recent months of sexual impropriety in the workplace, and beyond that is historic and pervasive.
Comedian Aziz Ansari has publicly responded to allegations of sexual impropriety detailed in a story published over the weekend, saying in a statement that his encounter with a woman "by all indications was completely consensual.
The double Oscar-winner is the second celebrity to get his version of events out before being publicly accused of sexual impropriety in a scandal that has rocked Hollywood and led to many men being fired or cut out of projects.
and Jeffrey Tambor are among dozens of other celebrities, politicians and businessmen who have been accused of sexual impropriety.
After Shlomo Carlebach's death 23 years ago, several women came forward with allegations of sexual impropriety against him.
CARL SARGEANT THE former Welsh Government minister who had left his cabinet role amid sexual impropriety allegations was found dead just days later.
Sir Michael Fallon, who quit as Defence Secretary over allegations of sexual impropriety, received nothing as he is over 65.
Sir Ian, who came out in 1988 to lobby for gay rights in the UK, said the timing of Spacey's own coming out - after he was been accused of sexual impropriety - was not ideal.