Sexual Impropriety

A form of sexual misconduct defined as expressions or gestures that disrespect privacy and are sexually demeaning; the term overlaps with sexual harassment, and is probably a synonym thereof
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While no suspicions of sexual impropriety were directed against presidents Clinton and Trump, their names were nevertheless dragged into the mess because of their past dealings with the financier.
Owner Philip Green has also made headlines for the wrong reasons over vigorously disputed allegations of sexual impropriety. Speaking to designers, employees, fashion critics, industry rivals, and shoppers, Fiona Phillips traces the rise and fall of one of our most iconic stores and its boss.
in which she and Penthouse columnist Leah McSweeney discuss, among other things, recent controversies surrounding sexual impropriety and abuse.
Matt Manweller, R-Cle Elum, resigned suddenly the weekend of January 11 just days before the start of the legislative session due to allegations of sexual impropriety by several women over a period of more than a decade.
In one anecdote, told by Warren Cooper and Karen Kessler of Evergreen Partners, the crisis management firm brought in to handle allegations of sexual impropriety against the Fox News CEO, Ailes and his wife, Beth, were told that it would be better to settle, rather than fight the charges.
She bangs on about human rights and yet sucks up to the creepy Julian Assange, accused in Sweden of sexual impropriety by two women.
The litany of allegations against powerful men in journalism and Bollywood of sexual impropriety, harassment and outright assault is overwhelming in scope.
Pope Francis accepted the resignation of a senior Roman Catholic bishop in Honduras on Friday, following allegations of financial and sexual impropriety against the cleric.
Following that, more than 80 women came forward and broke their silence about sexual impropriety that they experienced by Mr Weinstein at different stages of their careers.
The Oscar-winning producer has since been accused of sexual impropriety by more than 70 women.
One was sexual impropriety during the course of your representation, Bland said.
Two Canadian senators, Don Meredith and Colin Kenny, resigned in 2017 following allegations of sexual impropriety. Both are eligible for full pensions

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