Sexual Impropriety

A form of sexual misconduct defined as expressions or gestures that disrespect privacy and are sexually demeaning; the term overlaps with sexual harassment, and is probably a synonym thereof
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It's a great shame that Kids Company has closed down amid allegations of financial mismanagement and sexual impropriety by staff.
The 31-year-old was one of four women who made accusations of sexual impropriety against Lord Rennard in a Channel 4 News investigation in February last year.
In the Commonweal story, Hasel-berger, whose release of documents spurred the abuse scandal that has embroiled the archdiocese since last September, said she believed the law firm had "received about 10 sworn statements alleging sexual impropriety on the part of the archbishop.
Cardinal O'Brien was forced to step down as the UK's top Catholic churchman following accusations of sexual impropriety from other priests.
The party has been in disarray amid calls for its leader to step aside while allegations of sexual impropriety were fully investigated.
He denied that he ever admitted or apologised for any abuse or sexual impropriety.
In addition to the five core precepts of Buddhism -- to abstain from killing, stealing, gossip, alcohol and sexual impropriety -- faithful Buddhists adhere to three additional principles on Vesak: to eat at the proper times, avoid ostentation and eschew luxurious chairs and beds.
I was accused of fraud, I was accused of sexual impropriety, assaults, not doing my duties and so on," he said.
Ganguly who was also accused of sexual impropriety with an intern and had to eventually step down as the chief of West Bengal Human Rights Commission shows he is willing to put up a fight.
In the case of sexual impropriety, THE CHURCH must immediately inform the civil authorities and not try to keep it to themselves.
Given that the Medical Protection Society reports that practitioners are rarely accused of sexual impropriety if a chaperone has been present, it is surely foolish of a third of doctors to deem this unnecessary.
Do you have information about infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption concerning a current United States senator, congressperson or prominent government official?