Sexual Function

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The constellation of mental aspects of sexuality—e.g., sexual arousal, sexual desire, sexual fantasies
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In a study of 72 women with vulvar disease and 72 controls who completed the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) assessment, the median FSFI score was 21.
System adoption on the NHS across the UK with guidance finding the treatment is less costly than other treatments, is minimally invasive and preserves sexual function
They did a literature search of generic questionnaires to identify relevant domains of sexual function and added IBD-specific questions related to the effects of symptoms, medications, and surgery on sexual function.
The Sexuality for Men category includes a brief overview of male sexual function and the effects of paralysis.
Two hundred seven women (aged 18 to 49 years) with iron-deficiency anemia were asked to complete Beck Anxiety Inventory and Female Sexual Function Index questionnaires, before and after receiving iron supplementation for 3 months.
Decreased physical functioning affects different components of the sexual function.
15] Few papers reported the effect of SNM therapy on female sexual function in mixed population groups with voiding dysfunction, fecal incontinence,[sup.
The inclusion criteria of that study were normal sexual function before consumption of SSRIs, only using SSRIs, and having experienced sexual relationships.
In such patients, prescribing statins following the detection of cardiovascular disease could offer early benefits in addition to improved sexual function.
Patients and controls who met inclusion criteria were applied Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) for assessment of sexual function.
A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania looked at how sexual function is affected by bariatric surgery, where the size of the stomach is reduced through a gastric band or the removal of a portion of the stomach.
Sexuality and sexual function is a quality of life variable that is in particular need of further research and attention in the clinical setting," said Dr.