Sexual Ethics

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The constellation of moral and ethical considerations and obligations that a person or group has in the context of consensual penetrative sexual activity
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The debate about sexual ethics is ultimately about whether or not we accept that "things have a Nature that is teleologically ordered to ends that inhere in their essence and make them what they are.
As applied to the current issue of the day, redefinition of marriage and GLBT sexual ethics the issue is not so much historical/ biblical/societal effects of such change, but what is the most "loving" response to such.
Q: Dan, could you explain what you think is the bottom line for a healthy sexual ethic for everyone?
Fullam, a married woman teaching sexual ethics at a Catholic college, says that it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the hypocrisy of the church's teaching on birth control.
Armin Zimmermann's article, "Towards a New Christian Sexual Ethics in the Light of HIV/AIDS," (26) gives us new considerations and new elements for Christian sexual ethics in the context of the human suffering and destruction caused by HIV and AIDS.
Tremendous differences exist between what Catholics, humanists, Muslims, and Planned Parenthood backers believe regarding sexual ethics.
Rudy suggests that the goal of sexual ethics and all church transformation should be liberation from oppression.
Meek, McMinn, Burnett, Mazzarella, and Voytenko (2004) investigated training in sexual ethics among ministerial alumni of five evangelical seminaries.
In Protestant churches the debate over sexual ethics focused predominantly on scripture.
We propose a conceptual framework for defining a sexual ethics of equal rights and responsibilities pertaining to five dimensions of sexual behaviour: 1) sexual relationships and the right to choose one's partner; 2) sexual expression and the right to seek pleasure; 3) sexual consequenees and the right to cooperation from one's partner; 4) sexual harm and the right to protection; and 5) sexual health and the right to information, education and health services.
In Prague, as nowhere else during those years, sexual ethics became the topic of intense discussion, and because Prague also became the city where assimilated Western Jews often encountered newly emigrated orthodox Jewry from the East, discussions of Zionism--so important to the Jews of Europe at the time--often veered from questions of politics to social and cultural topics, many of them centring on Jewish sexual ethics.
Although program implementation at the local level is not widespread and challenges remain, churches, synagogues and other places of worship that offer sexual ethics and comprehensive education programs play a critical role in the lives of young people.