Sexual Ethics

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The constellation of moral and ethical considerations and obligations that a person or group has in the context of consensual penetrative sexual activity
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"No fats and fems" is, to our shame, an oft-heard refrain on these gay hook-up apps, which means we still have a lot of thinking to do when it comes to our sexual ethics. But despite these shortcomings, it's gay culture that has all this time been offering the world new ways to think about sexual ethics ways that don't involve procreation or marriage or love or even committed, monogamous relationships.
The debate about sexual ethics is ultimately about whether or not we accept that "things have a Nature that is teleologically ordered to ends that inhere in their essence and make them what they are." Progenitors of the sexual revolution reject that teleological understanding while subordinating reason to passion.
The lowest grade of 0.58 is given by the KCA regarding the laity being consulted on their specific issues of marriage, divorce, annulment, family planning and sexual ethics. The KCA again gives a very low grading of 1.34 for the automatic excommunication (latae sententiae) of a woman undergoing an abortion, regardless of the circumstances!
As applied to the current issue of the day, redefinition of marriage and GLBT sexual ethics the issue is not so much historical/ biblical/societal effects of such change, but what is the most "loving" response to such.
have again addressed the need for relevant and accessible approaches to sexual ethics with this humane, deeply felt, and well-worked-out sexual morality for a new generation of Catholics.
Fullam, a married woman teaching sexual ethics at a Catholic college, says that it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the hypocrisy of the church's teaching on birth control.
On the issue of homosexuality, the prominent theologian had said "same-sex relationships and activities can be justified according to the same sexual ethic as heterosexual relationships and activities" and "should be respected."
This requires a change of life style as part of mission in Christ's way." (25) Towards a new Christian sexual ethics in the light of HIV/AIDS
Tremendous differences exist between what Catholics, humanists, Muslims, and Planned Parenthood backers believe regarding sexual ethics. Public school sex education largely ignores the differences in larger moral frameworks or worldviews that underlie our sexual beliefs and choices.
Kathy Rudy describes her book as an exploration in sexual ethics. In Sex and the Church: Gender, Homosexuality, and the Transformation of Christian Ethics, Rudy considers gay male culture and its communal sex practices to be the perfect model for contemporary Christianity.
An example of this was reported in a survey of sexual ethics training by Housman and Stake (1999), who found that students rated the atmosphere of their programs (e.g., how safe they felt discussing sexual ethics with faculty and how adequate faculty were as role models) significantly less positively than did training directors.
Given his assertion that global South Catholics are "robustly orthodox" on Catholic sexual ethics, can the future church truly be attentive to the marginalized if it does not seriously engage the issues of sexual orientation, gender, and contraception?