Sexual Bribery

A form of quid pro quo harassment in which a sexual relationship with an employer or superior is made an explicit or implied condition for obtaining/retaining employment or its benefits
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Among those 'banned cases' were the shooting of Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh in a peaceful protest, the death of lawyer Kareem Hamdy as a result of police beating, allegations of sexual bribery involving a judge, and even the recent 'shocking' corruption case of the agriculture ministry.
There were also claims of sexual bribery as part of the alleged scam.
This original instrument contained twenty-eight questions unevenly split among the following areas: Gender Harassment, Seductive Behavior, Sexual Bribery, Sexual Coercion, and Sexual Assault.
Millions of pounds were said to have been funnelled through travel agencies over six years while sexual bribery was also alleged to have been used, according to reports in China today.