Sexual Assault Response Team

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A team of health care professionals—e.g., ER physician, forensic nurse, social worker—specifically trained in responding to victims of sexual assault—rape
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sexual assault response team

A team of health care professionals–eg, ER physician, forensic nurse, social worker, specifically trained in responding to victims of sexual assault–rape; SARTs combine '…medicine, law enforcement, victim advocacy to ensure that rape survivors receive comprehensive medical attention, evidentiary examinations, emotional support, and referral information'. See Sexual assault.
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Sexual Assault Response Team



A group of health care professionals who have had special preparation in the examination of rape victims. The training includes techniques for collecting, labeling, and storing evidence so it may be used in court proceedings concerning the person accused of rape and in psychological approaches to reduce the emotional trauma.
See: rape
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Santa Cruz was one of the first counties in California to adopt the sexual assault response team model.
* Sexual Assault Response Team, Third National Training Conference, June 1-3, San Francisco.
In addition, facilities using sexual assault response teams (SARTs) should have mechanisms in place to ensure that offenders are able to access outside victim advocates as well as facility mental health personnel.
Additionally, the PREA coordinator worked with the pilot sites to create and train institution sexual assault response teams (SARTs).
For example, ODOC has created facility-level Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) based on the time-tested community model.
It also established Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART) at the secure facilities.

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