(1) Morbid fear of the opposite sex—heterophobia
(2) Morbid fear of sex organs or sexual activity
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This period is generally described by contemporary writers as the period of extreme sexophobia. Repressive sexophobia was an integral part of maintaining totalitarian control over individuality.
As their friendship grew, so did her desire to write a book about him, his work, and its relevance to issues still of concern today - from personal liberation and (self)censorship to America's patriarchal "sexophobia." She wanted also to write a book that would locate Miller's work where she feels it belongs - among the most innovative and iconoclastic literature produced in this century - and to explain why it has so often met with misunderstanding and neglect: not because it's obscene, sexist, or anti-Semitic but because its "freedom still terrifies," because Miller "is a seer" courageously exposing the lies and denials by which we live.