Sexist Behaviour

Actions or language that discriminate based on a person’s sex
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Before the gents start emailing with claims of gender victimisation, I know of another instance where a mannerly chap offered a seat to a woman and was rewarded with accusations of sexist behaviour.
She's actively fuelled the rumpus by appearing on various media platforms to tell us why she has no regrets about "calling out" his sexist behaviour.
But now Mrs Sim - who led the hunt for killer Raoul Moat - says the official report into her conduct found she was the subject of sexist behaviour.
The latest incident also caused the ire of other female MPs who issued announcements and said sexist behaviour, comments and abuse cannot be tolerated.
That sympathy quickly disappears when we're shown the combative and sexist behaviour of young men who think that "banter" involves listing names for female body parts.
DAYS after he returned to the frontline of televised soccer with BT Sport, a video of sexist behaviour during his Sky Sports days emerged to embarrass the pundit.
The new chief of an UN agency devoted to women's rights has claimed that "new frontiers" of sexist behaviour, including human trafficking and cyber-bullying, threatened to halt progress towards equality.
The coalition claims: "Research has shown that portraying women as sex objects fuels sexist behaviour and attitudes under-pinning violence against women.
There should be complete intolerance for sexist behaviour
1 ( ANI ): Britons pride themselves on avoiding sexist behaviour at work but they happily revert back to their gender stereotypes at home, a study has claimed.
Furious workers at the Change have accused managers of sexist behaviour that exposed them to perverts who go in just to ogle at them.
They have been found guilty of bullying, mendacity, cheating and sexist behaviour.