Sexist Behaviour

Actions or language that discriminate based on a person’s sex
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ALMOST one in three women working at the Scottish Parliament have experienced sexual harassment or sexist behaviour.
Parliament, a sovereign body, should set the standard of behaviour, and the toleration of such blatant sexist behaviour should be immediately condemned with action taken by the Senate chairman.
She called on teachers to be given training about how to recognise sexist behaviour.
Not only can sexist behaviour get top executives fired, but it can also lead to serious efforts to change a corporation's culture.
As an added benefit, gender-equity mandates would provide a means to solve this problem without requiring individual women to call out sexist behaviour on an individual basis.
He was alleged to have engaged in sexist behaviour and bullying toward a colleague.
I'm actually unhappy about all this sexist behaviour.
But institutions also enable and reward sexist behaviour.
She's actively fuelled the rumpus by appearing on various media platforms to tell us why she has no regrets about "calling out" his sexist behaviour.
That sympathy quickly disappears when we're shown the combative and sexist behaviour of young men who think that "banter" involves listing names for female body parts.
DAYS after he returned to the frontline of televised soccer with BT Sport, a video of sexist behaviour during his Sky Sports days emerged to embarrass the pundit.