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nCHICKEN sexers, bird scarers and Roman centurions are just a few of the more bizarre positions available to job hunters this summer.
(4) The authors quote professional sexers as being able to sex 1,000 chicks per hour with 98% accuracy.
I mean, how's it going to look if the girls run off with the wrong kind of people, like some goat ropers from Dardanelle or chicken sexers from the Tyson Foods plant in Pottsville?
This distinction may not itself be easily accessible to the subject, as in the case of the alleged chicken sexers who can distinguish male from female chicks but nevertheless claim that the chicks look alike even to them.
Only at the parent generation, if a male slipped through the chick sexers and was sold, did the genetics of hybridization make duplicating the pedigree impossible.
I'm sure professional chick sexers are a lot more accurate but for me this is the easiest.
Despite a letter of endorsement from Ryan and the four other top GOP state officials, another bill, which would have extended protection of Illinois's civil rights laws to same- sexers, was defeated in the state House by two votes at the end of March.