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Spearman correlations were computed between age and sex steroids.
These reports lead us to experiment aiming at evaluation of the effect of animal sex steroids on sex determination in plants.
The increase in the production of sex steroids at the start of puberty is clearly linked to an increase of bone mineral acquisition during this period and contributes to the establishment of sex differences in bone growth (Callewaert et al.
After menopause, DHEA, which is produced largely by the adrenal glands, represents the dominant source of all sex steroids.
Sex steroid receptor expression and localization in benign prostatic hyperplasia varies with tissue compartment.
Another consideration with exogenous oral dosing of most sex steroids is that the levels of steroid metabolites can potentially interfere with an immunoassay designed to measure a specific steroid hormone, resulting in false-high values.
In adult female chum salmon transferred from coastal SW to an artificially hypo-osmotic environment (SW [right arrow] 50% SW [right arrow] FW), we examined the expression of leptin; the appetite-suppressing ER hormones ER[alpha], ER[beta]1, and ER[beta]2; the sex steroid hormone receptor; VTG; precursor yolk protein mRNA; and the levels of plasma leptin, [E.
Our investigation facilitates further understanding of reproductive physiology and modulation of sex steroid hormones during ovarian development in E.
Comparison of sex steroid measurements in men by immunoassay versus mass spectroscopy and relationships with cortical and trabecular volumetric bone mineral density.
Professor Baron-Cohen commented: "Although these very clear sex differences in brain structure may reflect an environmental or social factor, from other studies we know that biological influences are also important, including prenatal sex steroid hormones (such as fetal testosterone) as well as sex chromosome effects.