Sex Discrimination

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The differences in job opportunities, pay and promotions between men and women
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The court's decision is consistent with EEOC's reading of Title VII's sex discrimination ban.
But in the 2000s, the courts re-examined the issue and decided what was happening was sex discrimination, Romero said.
Other legal scholars warn that the status of sex as a suspect classification is based in case law rather than the Constitution, which means protection against sex discrimination could be weakened by future state Supreme Court decisions.
9) She responded by bringing a sex discrimination claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), (10) alleging that Harrah's "Personal Best" program--specifically the makeup requirement--amounted to unlawful sex discrimination.
She also said that she was not able to draw any inference that there was age or sex discrimination by any of the respondents in their failure to shortlist him.
Mr Malik told yesterday's hearing: "I shall be defending myself vigorously against the claim of sex discrimination.
While Glenn deals specifically with a public employer and employee, the court could apply similar reasoning to a transgender employee's sex discrimination claim against a private employer under Title VII," says Littler Mendelson Shareholder Dionysia Johnson-Massie.
She claims sex discrimination because six male colleagues were allowed VR.
A CITY executive has lost her pounds 4m sex discrimination case against her former boss after an employment tribunal ruled she had not been a "persuasive" witness.
A LAW had been passed a year earlier making men and women equal - but according to some women in the North East, sex discrimination was still thriving in 1977.
A TOP lawyer in line for a pounds 19million sex discrimination payout was bullied by her boss because he was intimidated by her, a tribunal heard.
Employers in the West Midlands need to be aware that they could face a sex discrimination claim if they treat a female worker less favourably because she is undergoing IVF treatment, the European Court of Justice has ruled.