Sex Segregation

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A controversial policy of separating people by gender, often understood to be in public places. Critics of sex segregation contend that it is a violation of human rights; supporters argue it is necessary to maintain decency, modesty, female safety, or the family unit
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The Article does not claim that we should do away with all sex segregation in sports.
teams is based upon competitive skill," or the sport is a contact sport, Title IX permits sex segregation. (226) Relevant and significant to consider, then, in the context of sex segregation of sports, are the exemptions to Title IX that effectively permit the widespread sex segregation of sports.
Anker, Richard (1998) Gender and Jobs: Sex Segregation of Occupations in the World.
(21.) For example, voluntary sex segregation at extracurricular
Rich (1993), "Occupational Sex Segregation in Britain, 1979-1989: The Persistence of Sexual Stereotyping," Cambridge Journal of Economics 17(2).
There are many negative knee-jerk reactions to opening up critiques about sex segregation in sport.
Sex segregation (the separation of boys and girls into same-sex groups) has been referred to as one of the most persistent and reliable developmental phenomena (Mehta & Strough, 2009).
Finally, sex segregation in occupations has been declining since the 1960s, but the decline has slowed significantly since the 1990s (Ridgeway & England).
One of the interesting ideas discussed in this chapter is that while in Islamic countries, such as Iran, the sporting structure builds in Islamic requirements for modesty in dress and sex segregation, Muslim women in more Westernised or secular contexts can struggle to find conducive environments in which to practice physical education or sport.
Instead, sex segregation increases gender stereotyping and sexism among students.
Since taking office in 2005 Abdullah has tried some reforms but has done almost nothing to alter the fundamentals of the absolute monarchy or loosen a strict sex segregation in public based on an austere version of Sunni Islam called Wahhabism.