Sex Drug

(1) A drug used for recreational sex, which is used either to prevent pregnancy or to facilitate an erection
(2) Any recreational drug—e.g., isobutyl nitrate, cocaine—which is ingested at the time of sexual activity, with the belief that the agent will enhance the perceived quality of the activity or experience
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Experts mixed sildenafil, the active chemical in the sex drug, with a colourless, odourless liquid to turn it into a spray.
I've read about a female sex drug - would it work for me?
A BUSINESSMAN who sold an unlicensed Viagra-style sex drug over the internet has been given a bill of more than pounds 5,500 for his crimes.
MORE than 20 council workers have been suspended on full pay for sending a lewd email about sex drug Viagra.
Medics said he most likely died from the quantity of the sex drug he had taken.
A PET dog has been saved from an untimely death by the sex drug Viagra.
A safari park has given its only adult male rhino the herbal equivalent of the sex drug Viagra.
So it is a love drug but not a sex drug for most people.
Since the launch of Pfizer's tremendously popular erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra in May 1998, pharmaceutical companies have scrambled to find the next big sex drug for women this time.
EVIL thieves in the North are putting teenagers' lives at risk by selling sex drug Viagra to kids as young as 13.
A CHINESE company have made Bond legend Sean Connery the unwitting star of an ad for a sex drug.
IT IS a happy 10th Birthday to one of Ireland's biggest exports - sex drug Viagra.