Sex Discrimination

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The differences in job opportunities, pay and promotions between men and women
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But in the 2000s, the courts re-examined the issue and decided what was happening was sex discrimination, Romero said.
Other legal scholars warn that the status of sex as a suspect classification is based in case law rather than the Constitution, which means protection against sex discrimination could be weakened by future state Supreme Court decisions.
It follows that employers who discriminate against men because they do wear dresses and makeup or otherwise act femininely are also engaging in sex discrimination.
But as the company launched an appeal yesterday it emerged she could be awarded pounds 19million - the biggest sex discrimination payout in British history.
Employers in the West Midlands need to be aware that they could face a sex discrimination claim if they treat a female worker less favourably because she is undergoing IVF treatment, the European Court of Justice has ruled.
THE first woman boss of the London Irish Centre in Camden Town has been awarded pounds 46,000 in damages after bringing an unfair dismissal and sex discrimination case against her former bosses.
Sex discrimination in the workplace; multidisciplinary perspectives.
THERE are two pieces of legislation in Great Britain aimed at preventing discrimination on the grounds of sex: the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 and the self-explanatory Equal Pay Act of 1970 which did not actually come into force until 1975.
A race discrimination case around the same period cost pounds 984,000 while pounds 217,000 was awarded in one sex discrimination case.
Today, few people have ever heard of this remarkable woman who more than 300 years ago faced sex discrimination and other trials.
Applying different policies to men and women is a double standard and constitutes sex discrimination and, in this case, pregnancy discrimination.
Gage is also representing Ya-May Christle, who is suing the LAPD for sexual harassment, sex discrimination and retaliation after she said Berkow helped promote women in her division with whom he allegedly had sexual relationships.