Sex Addiction

A mental condition characterised by a lack of control of one’s sexual behaviour; compulsive and ritualised sexuoerotic hyperactivity, often under specific conditions and in response to specific or stylised stimuli
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INTERNET porn may be fuelling sex addiction, say researchers.
With high staff-to-patient ratios in intimate settings, each patient at a Sunspire facility receives the treatment they require to treat their behavioral disorder, from substance use disorder and eating disorders to gambling or sex addiction.
In 2010 Tiger, below, entered a 45-day therapy programme for his sex addiction.
AN expert has warned the availability of prostitutes can fuel the devastating effects of sex addiction.
High end niches have emerged for the well-heeled (think Hollywood celebrities) and new niches are emerging in areas such as: sex addiction, problem gamblers, Internet addiction, and nicotine addiction.
I have always been skeptical of the concept of sex addiction, at least as defined by the veritable guru of the condition, Pat Carnes.
Pathological gambling, eating disorders, and sex addiction have been discussed in this chapter.
According to some experts, sex addiction is now worse than drugs or booze, the Sun reported.
Sex addiction has been a powerful and enduring phenomenon of pop psychology, but its privileged status may be coming to an end.
More importantly, I don't use the diagnosis of sex addiction.
The topic of sex addiction has been with us since the 1980's, at least.
Libido problems relate to sex drive and include sexual desire disorders and sex addiction.