Sex Addiction

A mental condition characterised by a lack of control of one’s sexual behaviour; compulsive and ritualised sexuoerotic hyperactivity, often under specific conditions and in response to specific or stylised stimuli
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Robbie Williams, Brat Pack actor Rob Lowe and Riverdance's Michael Flatley are also believed to have had treatment for sex addiction.
3) provide each participant with information, counseling, and services relating to sex addiction.
com, Randy Fowler claimed that former 'House of Cards' star Kevin is past help and giving treatment to the actor at a sex addiction rehab clinic is pointless.
For now, the actor has checked himself into Meadows, a medical centre in Wickenburg, in the hopes of curing his sex addiction.
Weinstein, 65, went in the PS30,000-a-month clinic in Arizona for treatment for sex addiction a week ago.
BY LOUISE SASSOON HARVEY Weinstein checked into rehab for treatment for sex addiction yesterday.
INTERNET porn may be fuelling sex addiction, say researchers.
Australian historians trace the history of a new sexual concept, a modern sexual invention called sex addiction, and its sufferer, the sex addict.
AN expert has warned the availability of prostitutes can fuel the devastating effects of sex addiction.
Pathological gambling, eating disorders, and sex addiction have been discussed in this chapter.