Ochoa, Severo

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Severo, Spanish-U.S. biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1905-1993.
Ochoa law - the content of the X-chromosome tends to be phylogenetically conserved.
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Address for correspondence: Cristina Calvo, Hospital Severo Ochoa, Avda.
Confiesa que Severo Ochoa fue el amor de su vida, pero que ella, cuando estuvo con hombres casados, nunca les pidio que se divorciaran, como en el caso de Severo, que tenia una mujer "estupenda" a quien dice Sara que "respetaba mucho".
Acquisition of knee prosthesis in the university hospital severo ochoa.
Comprehensive management of the food service of patients and self-service of the staff and cafeteria of the public in the university hospital severo ochoa.
For instance, the Hotel Riu group, which has an industry-leading 93 percent occupancy rate year round, has 95 hotels with more than 25,500 rooms and the Severo Ochoa hospital is the fifth hospital we have networked in Spain.
Acquisition of material fungible for laboratory ii in the severo ochoa university hospital.
With the new system, Severo Ochoa patients will have immediate access to a video library with more than 40 titles in multiple languages.
Comprehensive maintenance of high technology equipment of the siemens brand in the university hospital severo ochoa.
Acquisition of pre-filled syringe physiological saline and infusion accessories for the university hospital severo ochoa.