John W., 20th-century U.S. physiologist and anesthesiologist. See: Severinghaus electrode.
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Pheasants, including Monal, are an important part of ecosystem, useful indicators of environmental quality (Fuller and Garson, 2000; Miller, 2013), therefore can be used to measure the success and failure of wildlife conservation (Severinghaus, 1979).
"By integrating new technologies like AI into content services applications, we're transforming how businesses process information and make decisions," said Erik Severinghaus, senior VP of strategy for SpringCM.
Rick Severinghaus, chair of the coalition's policy committee, said, "the deployment and application of modeling and simulation and visualization technologies is far more advanced in DoD because they have been working on it for a far longer period, forced by circumstances."
Severinghaus, "Effects of skin pigmentation on pulse oximeter accuracy at low saturation," Anesthesiology, vol.
Deer were aged by tooth wear and replacement (Severinghaus 1949).
Because of the discrepancies between biologists in aging deer using the Severinghaus method, a study was conducted in the late 1980s using the upper (not lower) molars as a new way to determine a deer's age.
Steve Severinghaus, the Director of Editorial Communications at Dow Jones, emphasized to International Business Time that no full credit card or login information "that could pose a significant risk for consumers or require notification" was included in the exposure.
Several investigations have advanced the understanding of mammalian biodiversity in western Tennessee (e.g., Goodpaster and Hoffmeister, 1952; Beasley and Severinghaus, 1973; Severinghaus and Beasley, 1973; Graves and Harvey, 1974; Kennedy et al., 1984; Kennedy, 1991; LaMountain, 2007; Dennison, 2014).
Erik Severinghaus, chief strategy officer, SpringCM, recently sat down with Inside Counsel to discuss the growing need of using automation and AI to build efficient and effective workflows.
ochrogaster similis (Severinghaus, 1977) was compared to the other subspecies as follows: smaller than M.
High mortality can occur when deep snows of long duration are coupled with extreme cold (Severinghaus 1947, Verme 1968, Verme and Ozoga 1971), conditions that affect fawns in particular (Karns 1980).
Severinghaus, "Priestley, the furious free thinker of the enlightenment, and Scheele, the taciturn apothecary of Uppsala," Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica, vol.