John W., 20th-century U.S. physiologist and anesthesiologist. See: Severinghaus electrode.
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Rise is one of the fastest growing and most innovative digital marketing agencies in Chicago and SimpleRelevance is a technologically advanced startup driving digital marketing; the collaboration just made sense," said founder and CEO of SimpleRelevance Erik Severinghaus.
In 1957, John Severinghaus developed the first blood gas analyzer (now located in the Smithsonian), which measured pH, PC[O.
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Severinghaus CW: Tooth development and wear as criteria of age in white-tailed deer.
Thanks to: Atsushi Saito, Isao Nishiumi, Haruka Ito, Kana Akatani, Keisuke Ueda, Kenji Takehara, Keiko Nishi, Lucia Liu Severinghaus, Masahiro Toyama, Mariko Hisaka, Mitsuhiko Takahashi, Nobuhiko Kotaka, Sayaka Horie, Shin Matsui, Shin-ichi Seki, Taku Mizuta, Taro Matsuo, Yu-Cheng Hsu, and Yuko Tsuchiya for their contribution to the recording of hoots.
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Technique Reference Filter paper electrophoresis Martin and Franglen (28) Clinical enzymology Buttner (29) Urinalysis White (30) Blood gas analysis Severinghaus and Astrup (31), Breathnach (32) Dry chemistry (Eastman Kodak) Kaiser (40) Lipid and lipoprotein testing Sunderman (41) Enzyme immunoassay/ELISA Simpson (42), Young et al (43) Molecular (DNA/RNA) diagnostics Meites (44) Immunoassay Wu (27)
The results indicate that the modelled surface air-temperature depression at Summit compares closely to that inferred by Grachev and Severinghaus (2005) based on the analysis of gas isotopic data (a surface air-temperature proxy) from the Greenland GISP2 icecore; the model delivers an excellent fit to the surface air temperature proxy for either of the two rates of freshwater forcing and for either choice of the geographical region on which the freshwater forcing is applied.
According to Jeff Severinghaus, of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, "The beautiful thing about an ice core is that it has all of these different indicators: atmospheric composition, mean ocean temperature, dust.
John Severinghaus, "the most important lab test for critically ill patients.
They feed on small insects that have gone unnoticed by the host (Whitehouse 1986), prey stolen from the host (Robinson & Olazarri 1971), the host itself (Trail 1980; Tanaka 1984; Larcher & Wise 1985) or host-web silk (Shinkai 1988; Tso & Severinghaus 1998).