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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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A major national effort to desalinate Mediterranean seawater and recycle wastewater has provided the country with enough water for all its needs, even during severe droughts.
India suffered a severe drought in 2009 when monsoon rains failed due to El Nino, though in 1997, one of the strongest El Nino years, rainfall was 2 per cent above average.
A severe drought means agriculture is especially hard hit.
Three irrigation levels were maintained at 100, 75 and 50% field capacity designated as well watered, moderate and severe drought stressed.
Guiyang, Ramadan 29, 1434, Aug 7, 2013, SPA -- A severe drought spreading across southwest China's Guizhou Province has affected 15.
The team then put the new plant through its paces, planting both it and standard IR64 in upland fields in three kinds of conditions- no drought, moderate drought and severe drought.
Thiruvananthapuram: Summer is round the corner, there are power cuts in the state, and now the state government has officially confirmed that Kerala is facing up to a severe drought if the present dry conditions persist.
The downside was a severe drought - a big concern to farmers and water firms in the region.
IRS extends livestock replacement period for drought-affected ranchers, dairy producers: The IRS has granted farmers and ranchers affected by exceptional, extreme or severe drought conditions additional time to purchase replacement property for livestock they were forced to sell this year.
4 million Turkish lira (TL) as an assistance to Africa which is suffering from a severe drought and hunger.
Traveling with his cousin, Mohammed left his home in Buale, Somalia, three weeks earlier because severe drought killed most of their animals.
A SEvERE drought is driving reclusive bears into urban areas of Texas and other parts of Western America.

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