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A period of soil moisture that is inadequate for the needs of crops, animals and human beings
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Their finding was that isoprene concentrations did not substantially change during early droughts, but decreased by more than 50% during the most severe droughts. The effects of dehydration on isoprene were also associated with atmospheric temperature.
More recently, the country went through a severe drought spell in 2016/2017 that exposed some 3.
"In Southern California, severe drought was eliminated in the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles county region (which) has improved long-term impacts to groundwater," an accompanying report said.
For instance, annual rainfall between 25% and 50% deficiency was considered as moderate drought whereas annual rainfall less than the value of 50% deficiency was considered as severe drought in a region.
RANGERS in South Africa's biggest wildlife park are killing about 350 hippos and buffaloes in an attempt to relieve the impact of a severe drought.
About 350 hippos and buffalos have been killed in Kruger National Park, South Africa's biggest wildlife park, in an attempt to relieve the impact of the region's most severe drought in more than three decades.
According to statistics, 31 percent of the country's total land area is suffering mild drought, 29 percent is facing moderate drought, 12 percent is plagued by severe drought, and 1 percent is struggling with extreme drought, Fateh told the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA).
"Severe drought exacerbated by El Nino conditions has hit parts of Puntland and Somaliland, affecting hundreds of thousands of people," the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warned in latest report.
Their essay for the New Yorker points out that severe drought instigated a mass migration within Syria from rural areas to cities, contributing to discontent.
--Doug Carlson, Department of Water Resources spokesman, on the severe drought in California and a snowpack measurement survey that had to be shut down because of a lack of snow.
The country faces a severe drought starting October when the prevailing El Nino steps up to its most intense stage, expected to surpass the episode 17 years ago, the state weather bureau warned.
The article will likely garner great deal of attention in the U.S., as the media there is increasingly preoccupied with the severe drought that has struck California, an agriculture powerhouse, and other parts of the western U.S.

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