Seven Year Itch

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Medical history An obsolete term for epidemic scabies, which affected Napoleon’s troops during the Russian campaign
Psychology A phrase used by psychologists for restlessness and declining interest men have in a monogamous relationship after seven years with the same partner
Vox populi A 1955 movie with Marilyn Monroe and her iconic billowing skirt pose about the boredom that occurred in a marriage at the seven year mark.
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It was bought by museum chain Ripley's Believe It Or Not - surpassing the previous most expensive dress sold at auction, also Marilyn Monroe's - a white costume from The Seven Year Itch, which went for $4.
It stood 26ft tall and weighed 34,000 pounds and was inspired by the famous scene from Marilyn's 1955 movie comedy The Seven Year Itch.
CONOR McLAUGHLIN has urged Michael O'Neill's men to scratch a seven year itch against Qatar at Crewe's Gresty Road tomorrow.
This theory was called the seven year itch and was popularised by a movie of the same name in which Marilyn Monroe played the role of an actress who wins over the affections of a married man.
Specific films focused on include Traffic in Souls, Brief Encounter, The Seven Year Itch, Lady in the Lake, Pull My Daisy, American Revolution 2, Bug, Eyes Wide Shut, and many others.
The 17-ton stainless steel and aluminum sculpture depicts Monroe in her memorable billowing skirt pose from the 1955 movie, ''The Seven Year Itch.
HollyMwh th Marilyn Monroe's white dress from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch sold for PS2.
Marilyn's most famous piece, known for its appearance in The Seven Year Itch Strapless dresses and dresses with sweetheart necklines.
She recreated the legendary star's look from The Seven Year Itch to help launch the World's Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.
THE Marilyn Monroe dress that flirted revealingly with a gust of New York subway air in The Seven Year Itch fetched 4.
WHITCHURCH Blues under-15s have ended a seven year itch for a trophy by landing the Cardiff and District Junior League B division title.
Other authors nominated for the award include Freya North for Pillow Talk, Adele Parks for Young Wives' Tales, Penny Vincenzi for An Absolute Scandal, JoJo Moyes for Silver Bay and Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees for The Seven Year Itch.