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establishment or creation of something.
limit setting in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as establishing the parameters of desirable and acceptable patient behavior.
mutual goal setting in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as collaborating with the patient to identify and prioritize care goals, then developing a plan for achieving those goals through the construction and use of goal attainment scaling.
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Hardening, as of amalgam.
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Vox populi A place where something occurs. See ER/trauma setting.
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Hardening, as of amalgam.
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Patient discussion about setting

Q. What she should do, if found positive? my wife who is 31 years, had breast cancer history in her family and I have advised her to have a test. She will have her test done next week. What she should do, if found positive?

A. I think you must pray that she is not positive, but if found positive let the doctor start the treatment and she should cooperate with doctor. She needs to learn about her problem and also the ways to cope them, like by having good diet and fitness, which she would require when the treatment or surgery will be done. Thanks ....and hope she is not positive…

Q. What are carbohydrates and where they are found and what is their nutritional value?

A. You got it.

Q. how can i deal with my newly found pulic speaking anxiety?

A. From what I understand, some studies have shown that more people harbor a fear of public speaking than do of death.
My best advice would be to begin by practicing speaking before a mirror, picturing someone else's face. Then try speaking before friends.
Community colleges and adult learning programs often have classes/workshops on speech, and I personally found such a class to have been extremely valuable.
Best of luck to you.

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Starting today, people who newly join Facebook or who previously had the tag suggestions setting will have the face recognition setting and will receive information about how it works.
Understanding the full extent of Google's collection requires deeper digging through settings, not only on your phone but also on your Google account.
Over the course of two early morning visits to the famous temples of Bagan, Myanmar, I shot these photos with a variety of WB settings. In such dramatic and potentially romantic settings, I'm constantly shooting and reshooting with various WB settings.
Most Android devices have a similar setting, though the menu names and steps for finding the settings may be slightly different.
The Nigerian school system, operate an inclusive setting, where the physically challenged children are taught with their peer, though, children whose condition are severe are taught in non inclusive settings.
So, you only need to enable or disable this from the settings.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of humidity and temperature on the setting time of four different commercially available calcium hydroxide cements.
Netflix says that the default setting will allow users to stream about three hours of TV shows and movies for each gigabyte of data, which is about 600 Kilobits per second.
The control algorithm and model of settings adaptation system were developed.
Researcher Anna Squicciarini said that they want to help users configure privacy to be better protected, but not all users are interested or motivated to change their privacy settings.
The goal of this special issue is to provide empirical and practical information on the PBIS framework to educators and a wide-range of service providers (e.g., behavior specialists, counselors, mental health, advocacy, and policy organization personnel) who work with high-risk youth in AE, residential, and JJ settings to improve youth outcomes and teacher effectiveness.
Even if you routinely fly in designated mountainous areas such as the Rockies, you probably haven't noticed that altimeter settings can vary quite a bit even when the general pressure gradient throughout the area is rather weak.