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n See offset.
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Relative comfort in this knowledge is important for any depository institution, like a bank or credit union, that regularly uses set-off as part of its lending and realization strategy.
Hence, your firm will be entitled to set-off the loss against income under any head earned in the same financial year and such loss, in full or in part, can be carried forward for eight years and set-off against future business income.
In addition, in accordance with the 8 May 2014 EGM, the board directors and other related parties will receive in total 1,474,619 new shares issued as a result of the debt set-off approved at the EGM.
Currently, about 15-16% of our vehicle sales take place in Maharashtra, which means we will get no VAT set-off for 85% of our production under the new rules.
This article will begin with a discussion of the general application of fault and set-off analysis in multiple tortfeasor cases.
The Bankruptcy Code recognizes the rights of set-off to the extent that they exist in each of the various states.
As a part of the company's the financial restructuring, the lenders under the NEC07 bond loan agreed to set-off the NOK-equivalent to USD 9.
from the securitized pool, the obligors' set-off claims
In the first instance we were able to delink the ratings on the notes from those on the insurance companies because the transaction includes more than 45 insurance companies, thereby weakening any set-off risk," he said.
Dental and the Company's lenders will not be satisfied, including, without limitation, the condition that all milestones for the proposed transaction be met, the risk that the Company's lenders will further exercise their rights of set-off and/or foreclosure, the risk that the Company will not be able to maintain sufficient liquidity to fund its future operations, uncertainties regarding the impact of the events disclosed in this press release on the Company's operations, including its relationships with its customers and vendors, risks associated with the change of status or departure of key personnel, and other risks detailed in the Company's Securities and Exchange Commission filings.
25, 2002--In a report published today, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services has explored the issue of set-off in Dutch mortgage products and how the European Structured Finance Ratings group approaches the issue in rating RMBS transactions containing Dutch residential mortgages.
The Company's lenders have the right to use cash balances in the Company's bank accounts to set-off a portion of the debt.