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n See offset.
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Determining the set-off for Defendant 2 is as follows:
5% of Defendant 1's settlement (15,000) = $5,325 which is applied as a set-off for economic damages.
An important distinction is that the set-off is only applied to economic damages.
While not in the opinion, note that the jury found that the plaintiff's comparative negligence was greater than the defendant's and, as such, there was no joint and several liability for the economic damages, this apparently is why the trial court granted a set-off for the entire amount rather than by the Wells ratio formula, see F.
If, however, the analysis deems that a set-off is either near certain or likely, Standard & Poor's will need to assume that all amounts potentially subject to the set-off are lost to the special-purpose entity and therefore the investors, Ms.
Some market participants have invited Standard & Poor's to size the required credit enhancement to cover such loss by assessing the probability of the default of the insurer and multiplying that probability by the amount of the possible set-off, the resulting number being the necessary credit enhancement.
Either the insurer becomes insolvent and the set-off risk occurs in full or the insurer remains solvent and there is no set-off," Ms.
By having a large number of insurers, any set-off risk that would occur on the insolvency of an insurance policy provider was reduced, especially since the greatest insurance company exposure equates to only 10% of the notes.