sesamoid bones

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sesamoid bones

; sesamoids small bones, developed as a centre of ossification within a tendon at the point of maximal force, e.g. overlying a joint or bony prominence; articular aspect of sesamoid is covered with cartilage; sesamoids are prone to the same range of bone pathologies as any skeletal element
  • bipartite sesamoid two-part sesamoid (i.e. pair of sesamoids, where expectation is for one), e.g. in up to 30% of flexor hallucis brevis (FHB) medial sesamoids

  • constant sesamoids sesamoids occurring in majority of population, to reinforce the host tendon, e.g. patella; paired sesamoids embedded within tendons of FHB at plantar aspect of first metatarsophalangeal joint (1 MTPJ); FHB sesamoids also give sagittal-plane stability to 1 MTPJ (forming a groove on plantar aspect of first metatarsal head within which flexor hallucis longus tendon) runs); also contribute to 1 MTPJ joint dorsiplantar depth, increasing 1 MTPJ efficiency at toe off

  • inconstant sesamoids; variable sesamoids sesamoids occurring in a minority of the population, e.g. sesamoids in slips of the tendon of flexor digitorum brevis at MTPJs; os perineum (sesamoid reinforcing peroneus longus tendon at plantar/lateral border of cuboid)

  • quadripartite sesamoid four-section sesamoid

  • tripartite sesamoid three-section sesamoid

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The sesamoid bones of the hands and feet: participators in arthritis.
Increased and chronic accumulation of stress to the fabella may, in turn, lead to a fracture of this sesamoid bone [11].
Cartilaginous or non-ossified sesamoid bones may be identified on ultrasound, which can also be useful in the evaluation of adjacent soft tissue for signs of inflammation and injury (6).
Explanation for the lack of the distal sesamoid bone, the presence of a mobile distal scutum (which in the domestic ruminants covers intimately the palmar aspect of the distal sesamoid bone), and the extended attachment of the DDF tendon on the palmar aspect of the third phalanx can be interpreted in evaluation of the unique biomechanics of the llama.
The patella is an example of a sesamoid bone, as is the navicular bone, which is in the hoof of the horse at P3.
The leg broke in three places: a cannon bone above the ankle, a sesamoid bone behind the ankle, and a long pastern bone below the ankle.
18) Although much less common than stress fractures, avascular necrosis of the hallux sesamoid bones should be considered in the differential diagnosis of persistent forefoot pain.
Reports of stress injuries to the great toe of ballet dancers have been published, and case series have been primarily focused on stress fractures of the great toe sesamoid bones.
It reinforces the plantar capsule and also attaches the hallux sesamoid bones to the base of the proximal phalanx (Figure 15).
Racecourse vet Peter Webbon said: 'Having been taken off the course by ambulance for further assessment, the nature of the injury to the cannon and sesamoid bones was such that they were impossible to repair.
Mazel Trick fractured both sesamoid bones in his right foreleg and was pulled to a stop by jockey Chris McCarron during what would have been a 5-furlong workout Tuesday morning at Del Mar.