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(ServetServide) (ser-vē'tŭs),
Miguel, Spanish anatomist and theologian, 1511-1553. See: Servetus circulation.
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He argued that Servetus only expressed his views about the religion and did not commit any crime against religion.
Ashworth returned home from the military in 1973 and married, Servetus Ashworth entered into a lease agreement with the young couple, through which they purchased the house, barn and small portion of land in 1976 and then completed the purchase of the property in 1985.
Another was the French Protestant Sebastian Castellio, who was greatly troubled when, with Calvin's approval, Michael Servetus was executed as a heretic.
In the late 1500s, a Spanish doctor, Michael Servetus concluded that blood was oxygenated in the lungs.
John Calvin's arch-enemy was Michael Servetus, who wrote a widely read book questioning the doctrine of the Trinity (and, almost incidentally, accurately describing the circulation of the blood 75 years before Harvey published his similar account).
He belonged to the Michael Servetus Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.
If you don't believe that, pick up a history book and read about 16th-century Geneva, where Miguel Servetus was burned at the stake for disagreeing with John Calvin's view of the Trinity.
Michael Servetus, a Spanish physician and theologian, made this statement in the course of his interrogation by John Calvin, the reformer of Geneva.
Burnt, along with all known copies of his infamous book, by Calvin in Geneva, Servetus remained a subversive danger to orthodoxy.
Les Hollandais rougissent de celui de Barnevelt' (22) ('The murder of Servetus today appears abominable.
Closer inspection reveals, however, that this is the story of Michael Servetus (1511-1553), one of the most intriguing figures in the history of religion and medicine.