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Antoine E.R.A., French anatomist, 1786-1868. See: Serres angle, Serres glands, rests of Serres.
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Within the last decade alone, since Beck, powerful books about the social creation of nature have been written by Arne Naess (1989), Bill McKibben (1990), Michel Serres (1990), Max Oelschlaeger (1991), Robert Pogue Harrison (1992), Neil Evernden (1992), and Alexander Wilson (1992); a summation and extension of all this work is the University of California symposium by many experts, edited by William Cronon, Uncommon Ground: Toward Reinventing Nature (1995).(3)
The forum was organized by the Office of Economic and Commercial Questions of the Embassy of the Republic of Greece in Sofia and the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Serres.
Jacques Derrida and Michel Serres share the ambition of overcoming the dualist, binary logic of non-contradiction which, they complain, has dominated Western philosophy since Plato.
After she taught one of her students how to crochet one day, the boy's younger brother asked Serres to crochet him a taco.
It prompted other students to begin asking for stuffed toys from Serres. Eventually, Serres went down the aisle of the bus and took requests from all 34 of her passengers.
Critique: "The Encyclopedic Philosophy of Michel Serres: Writing the Modern World and Anticipating the Future" by Keith Moser (Associate Professor of French at Mississippi State University) is the first comprehensive study dedicated to the interdisciplinary French philosopher and author Michel Serres.
Keywords: Michel Serres; contemporary French philosophy; continental philosophy; epistemology; environmental ethics; exo-Darwinian evolution
-- Serres Inc., a leading manufacturer of surgical suction systems for healthcare professionals, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Massachusetts General Hospital in which Serres Suction systems will be used in all operating room (OR) procedures.
Following a six-month demonstration period, Serres Toundra has agreed to buy the captured CO2 for a period of ten years thereafter, and under the terms of the agreement, CO2 Solutions expects to realize revenues of about CAD400,000 annually from the sale of captured CO2 and associated carbon credits.
Serres offers their closed suction liner system for hospitals and acute-care facilities, which the company feels is user-friendly and cost-efficient.