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Antoine E.R.A., French anatomist, 1786-1868. See: Serres angle, Serres glands, rests of Serres.
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Sequencing parasite strains straight from humans is a big step forward, Serre said.
An article in our sister paper The Journal, dated February 5, 1936, announcing the arrival of Serre, said: "M Serre, who speaks admirable English, is a great admirer of this country, which is proved by the fact that he returns to England at his own special request.
Luc Alphand is a name that often crops up in Serre Chevalier.
The majority of our new jobs will be in the community, but we are looking for people to market the company across the province and Canada," says Serre.
Serre is supervisor of the Port's computer operations section.
Au cours de la periode allant de 1990 a 1998, les emissions de gaz a effet de serre ont augmente de 13%.
Jacques Derrida and Michel Serres share the ambition of overcoming the dualist, binary logic of non-contradiction which, they complain, has dominated Western philosophy since Plato.
After she taught one of her students how to crochet one day, the boy's younger brother asked Serres to crochet him a taco.
Trudy Serres, a bus driver for Summit Elementary School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has made a point of making every child on her bus route feel special by crocheting a special toy for each of them before the end of the school year.
From 1968 to the present, Serres has been generating forceful, prophetic visions in his works that mingle philosophy, religion, theology, contemporary science, and literature.
Although my book fills a significant research gap as the first comprehensive exploration of Serres's thought, there is much more work to be done given that Serres is overdue for recognition in comparison to more canonical French thinkers.