serratus anterior muscle

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anterior serratus

A thoracic muscle.
Rotates scapula, pulling it forward; raises ribs.
Long thoracic.
Centrolateral aspect of the 1st to the 8th ribs.
Inferior and superior angles and medial margin of scapula.

ser·ra·tus an·te·ri·or mus·cle

(sĕ-rā'tŭs an-tēr'ē-ŏr mŭs'ĕl)
Origin, from center of lateral aspect of first eight to nine ribs; insertion, superior and inferior angles and intervening medial margin of scapula; action, rotates scapula and pulls it forward, elevates ribs; nerve supply, long thoracic from brachial plexus.
Synonym(s): musculus serratus anterior [TA] .

serratus anterior muscle

Chest muscle. Origin: outer surface of ribs 1-8. Insertion: anterior side of vertebral edge of scapula. Nerve: long thoracic (C5-C7). Action: pulls scapula forward (anterior) and laterally (abduction), rotates scapula upward.
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2012) evaluated the effect of lactic acid treatment method in pork Serratus ventralis muscle on meat quality parameters pH, color, weight loss, cooking loss, hardness, and taste.
These muscle margins were the medial edge of the pectoralis muscle, the cranial edge of the biceps brachii muscle, and the dorsal aspect of the serratus ventralis muscle, which form a triangular depression in the axillary region.