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a genus of gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, motile bacteria, many species of which are opportunistic pathogens, causing infections of the endocardium, blood, wounds, and urinary and respiratory tracts. S. marces´cens is the most frequently isolated species.


A genus of motile, peritrichous, aerobic to facultatively anaerobic bacteria (family Enterobacteriaceae) that contains small, gram-negative rods. Some strains are encapsulated. Many strains produce a pink, red, or magenta pigment; their metabolism is fermentative and they are saprophytic on decaying plant and animal materials. The type species is Serratia marcescens.
[Serafino Serrati, 18th-century Italian physicist]


(sĕ-rā′shē-ə, -shə)
n. pl. serratia
Any of various red, rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Serratia, especially S. marcescens, that are found in the intestinal tract, are resistant to many antibiotics, and cause nosocomial and opportunistic infections such as wound infections and pneumonia as well as disease in coral reefs.


Serafino, 18th century Italian physicist.
Serratia - a genus of anaerobic bacteria that contain gram-negative rods.
Serratia marcescens - a species found in water, soil, milk, foods, and insects; significant cause of hospital-acquired infection.


A genus of motile, peritrichous, aerobic to facultatively anaerobic bacteria that cause infection in humans.
[Serafino Serrati, 18th-century Italian physicist]
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Although several recent studies disclosed a number of interesting biological properties of prodigiosin, this paper reports a higher value of prodigiosin production by a newly isolated indigenous marine bacteria Serratia rubidaea rather than Serratia marcescens from a relatively cheap medium.
16S rDNA-based dendogram showing the phylogenetic position of Serratia rubidaea RAM_Alex among representatives of related bacterial species
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FT-IR spectrum of Serratia rubidaea RAM_Alex red pigment