Serious Misconduct

A euphemism in the science community for overt and/or intentional fraud or fabrication of research data
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A year after it was screened he was removed from the magistracy for serious misconduct.
The employer had alleged serious misconduct after an independent audit highlighted performance deficits.
As new mayor, Taravari announced revision of the financial work of the municipality of Gostivar due to alleged indications of serious misconduct.
that it has been proven that no serious misconduct has been committed that calls into question the reliability as an applicant (in respect of serious misconduct, the contractor will be awarded the tenderer%s offer Extract from the commercial central register in accordance with 150a GewO at the Federal Office of Justice request).
As per the playing condition pertaining to players' conduct, a player can now be sent off the field for the rest of the match for any serious misconduct.
The tribunal found him guilty of serious misconduct in relation to Patient B but his fitness to practice was not impaired in relation to Patient A.
Glenn Chong accused Lim of corruption and serious misconduct for purportedly giving undue favor to Smartmatic during the 2016 elections.
The hearing also found there were failures to update patient records and Mrs James was found guilty of serious misconduct.
In February, around 300 workers at the Sanand plant went on flash strike to press for reinstatement of around 20 of their colleagues who have been suspended for serious misconduct.
OSU now requires transfer applicants to disclose whether they've been kicked out of another school, and barred from re-enrolling, in the past seven years for sexual assault or other serious misconduct.
Yesterday, the JCIO confirmed Judge Dodds had been reprimanded over his conduct and management of three cases, which they said amounted to serious misconduct.
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