Serial Monogamist

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A person who has many sexual partners in his or her lifetime, but only one at a time. Some serial monogamists are incapable of long-term commitment for a long period of time
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Words like toxic bachelor (an unmarried serial monogamist who is insensitive and commitment phobic) is interesting because it is part of the latest generation of words describing people through attitudes.
I am a serial monogamist and I've had a boyfriend since I was 18 years old.
He talks candidly about past relationships, says he's a serial monogamist and makes a point of asking me lots of questions about myself while filling our wine glasses.
I tend to be a serial monogamist," she says, "but the next thing you know, I'm single and living in an apartment full of potato chips, mustard and tons of beer.
A self-confessed serial monogamist, she has been having the time of her life partying with fellow single girlfriends.
Her upbeat album, Rebirth, is said to have been influenced by him and the serial monogamist is now talking of having kids.
I've always been what you'd call a serial monogamist and been going out with someone, so to be single for the first time in about 15 years is so exciting.