Serial Monogamist

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A person who has many sexual partners in his or her lifetime, but only one at a time. Some serial monogamists are incapable of long-term commitment for a long period of time
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Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is set in Toronto against a bustling and thriving art scene where LGBTQ friendlies can be found around any corner.
My husband is a serial monogamist. He falls passionately in love with an author and reads all of his or her works, and then moves on to an equally passionate love affair with another author.
She's a serial monogamist. When she's with her guy, she's with her guy."
In such a world it is as permissible to change one's religion as it is to change one's spouse, that is to say, one can be a serial monogamist in the sphere of religion, but simultaneous adherence to more than one religion is viewed with horror as syncretic (i.e., something promiscuous).
If you're a serial monogamist or juggle several relationships at once, you're probably not prepared to commit to one person for the rest of your life.
I was a serial monogamist, passionately falling, then failing, then brooding, and then moving swiftly from one tragic heartbreak to the next.
“I'm a serial monogamist, but I'm a cheater, and I'm starting to wonder what my issue is,” one woman writes, going on to ask Roseanne whether she should tell her boyfriend about her latest indiscretion.
Kind regards and good luck" The message outgoing Treasury minister Liam Byrne left for his successor "The first person who calls me a senior citizen or an old age pensioner dies on the spot" Broadcaster Jenni Murray, who is 60 "Decadence is very enjoyable" Sir Mick Jagger on the early days of the Rolling Stones "A greedy, gallumphing idiot -vulgar to the power of a hundred" How New York's Forbes magazine described the Duchess of York JUNE "I am a serial monogamist" Actress Kim Cattrall "In my experience, the average bloke generally doesn't have the stamina for anything frisky that lasts much more than a half-time break" Broadcaster Janet Street-Porter on the subject of sex during the World Cup "I happen to be the world's worst hypochondriac.
"I am a serial monogamist" - Sex And The City actress Kim Cattrall.
"She was a classic hour-glass figure and because of her relationship pattern - she was a serial monogamist.
"I am a complete serial monogamist but you don't get much chance to meet people on the moors apart from sheep," she giggles, referring to Heartbeat's rural location of Goathland, North Yorkshire.
Sting said: "I've been a serial monogamist in my life.