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Emile, French physician, 1867-1943. See: Sergent white line, Bernard-Sergent syndrome.
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The Sergents' instinct to bring natural elements into their bathroom is reflected in a growing trend among homeowners to incorporate more wood and stone into their interior spaces, sometimes in unexpected places.
El with her owners Antony and Karl Simmonds Sergent
The first thing Rob Sergent observed when he arrived in Park City six years ago was the beauty of Summit County.
The man was convicted of murdering a defense attache at the US embassy, William Nordeen and US Air Force Sergent Ronald Stewart.
By the age of 16 he was the country's top-ranked tennis player, and served in the IDF shortly thereafter, eventually rising to the rank of Staff Sergent.
Le ministere avait rapidement annonce que ses occupants, un capitaine, un lieutenant et un sergent avaient ete reperes dans un canot de sauvetage a cote de l'appareil par les forces aeriennes marocaines, puis recuperes par une embarcation qui devait les acheminer jusqu'au port de Dakhla, au Sahara occidental, mais le bateau n'est jamais arrive.
5, Jesse Sergent, New Zealand, Trek Factory Racing, :15.
Ce syndicat qui aura une mission syndicale, se chargera de preparer un congres pour unifier les 3 syndicats, a indique, a Mosaique FM, le sergent Ahmed Mabrouk, charge de la coordination.
Lieuwe Westra of Astana, Jesse Sergent of Trek, Alessandro Bazzana of Unitedhealthcare, Raf Chtioui of Skydive Dubai, and Marcus Burghardt of BMC were allowed to go up the road and they entered the finishing circuit with a 2'30" gap over the peloton.
Thomas and Carra Sergent with one count each of stealing federal funds.
Top scorers for Saturday singles were Bill Sergent and Chip Enniss, each with 49/50, followed by Rich Davis (48/50) and Doug Vann (47/50).