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Emile, French physician, 1867-1943. See: Sergent white line, Bernard-Sergent syndrome.
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So when Sergent and his wife, Sara, decided to open Alpine Distilling in 2016, Park City proved to be the right place.
5, Jesse Sergent, New Zealand, Trek Factory Racing, :15.
Ce syndicat qui aura une mission syndicale, se chargera de preparer un congres pour unifier les 3 syndicats, a indique, a Mosaique FM, le sergent Ahmed Mabrouk, charge de la coordination.
Lieuwe Westra of Astana, Jesse Sergent of Trek, Alessandro Bazzana of Unitedhealthcare, Raf Chtioui of Skydive Dubai, and Marcus Burghardt of BMC were allowed to go up the road and they entered the finishing circuit with a 2'30" gap over the peloton.
Thomas and Carra Sergent with one count each of stealing federal funds.
Top scorers for Saturday singles were Bill Sergent and Chip Enniss, each with 49/50, followed by Rich Davis (48/50) and Doug Vann (47/50).
Le bilan "est estime pour l'instant a entre cinq et 15" morts, a annonce vers 10h00 GMT, soit neuf heures apres l'explosion, le porte-parole de la police locale, le sergent W.
The French, Spanish, German and British brands were chosen from Al Hokair's portfolio of 70 fashion properties and include Promod, Jennyfer, Cortefiel, Women's Secret, New Yorker, Ziddy, Sergent Major, Suite Blanco and Lipsy.
Originally published in 1981, this text was shaped over the decades by "The Three Amigos"--editors Shaun Ruddy, John Sergent, and Ted Harris--as the name of the fourth founding editor and initiator of the project, Bill Kelley, moved to the head of the title.
At the weights, out-of-form Fully Funded and Sergent Guib's, without a win since joining Willie Mullins, hold Shrapnel.
For the kids, Sergent Major and Carter's are open to dress the future generations, having done so for decades.
Darren Ryan scored the game's best try - his first for Bedwas - but the vital score came from skipper Phil Sergent.