septomarginal trabecula

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sep·to·mar·gi·nal tra·bec·u·la

one of the trabeculae carneae in the right ventricle of the heart; it carries part of the right branch of the AV bundle from the septum to the anterior papillary muscle on the opposite wall of the ventricle.
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Johann C., German physician, neurologist, and histologist, 1759-1813.
circular sulcus of Reil - a semicircular fissure. Synonym(s): circular sulcus of insula; limiting sulcus of Reil
island of Reil - an oval region of the cerebral cortex overlying the extreme capsule, lateral to the lenticular nucleus, buried in the depth of the fissura lateralis cerebri (sylvian fissure). Synonym(s): insula; insular area; insular cortex
limiting sulcus of Reil - Synonym(s): circular sulcus of Reil
Reil ansa - a complex fiber bundle. Synonym(s): ansa peduncularis
Reil band - Synonym(s): medial lemniscus; septomarginal trabecula
Reil ribbon - Synonym(s): medial lemniscus
Reil triangle - Synonym(s): lemniscal trigone
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In dog heart, the major branch of the septomarginal trabeculae system was examined and it was approximately 1 mm in width in all dogs, irrespective of age and tended to be flattened and ribbon-like.
Specific types of septomarginal trabeculae have been reported by Kosinski.
A morphometric study on the septomarginal trabeculae in south Indian cadavers.