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Local anesthetic, usually in a 4% solution, commonly used in dentistry.
[coined term incl. -caine, local anesthetic, fr. cocaine, fr. coca + -ine, chem. suffix]
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Today's high-tech dentist has a range of anesthetic options in varying degrees of strength, including lidocaine, bupivacaine, mepivacaine and septocaine.
The incidence of adverse reactions following 4% septocaine (articaine) in children.
8) Articaine is marketed as Septocaine (Septodont, Inc, New Castle, DE; www.
Anesthesia was accomplished for both teeth painlessly, using the N-tralig syringe for intraligamentary anesthesia (Miltex) and Septocaine 4% w/epinephrine 1:100,000 (Septodont).
5 Bupivacaine HCl 3M ESPE 4 Articaine 4 Articaine Company % Name Vasoconstrictor Dentsply 2 Xylocaine Denial None 2 Xylocaine Denial Epinephrine 2 Xylocaine Denial Epinephrine 2 Polocaine Dental Levonordefrin 3 Polocaine Dental Ncne 4 Citanest Plain None 4 Citarest Forte Epinephrine Denisply UK 2 Xy ocaine Denial Adrenaline 2 Xylocaine Denial Adrenaline 3 Citarest with Octapressin Felvpressin Sep rodent 2 Lignospan Standard Epinephrine USA 2 Lignospan Forte Epinephrine 2 Scandonest L Levonordefrin 3 Scandonest Plain None 4 Septocaine Epinephrine 4 Septocaine Epinephrine 0.