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Accordingly to ecological data obtained, Helix aspersa is suitable for use as sentinel species for the assessment of soil pollution.
tropicus larvae from controlled spawns and the ecological relevance of this species, the production of ecotoxicological information on this fish would facilitate, its use as a sentinel species in ecologically vulnerable areas.
In laboratory investigations, chickens and turkeys that were inoculated produced antibodies to the virus but did not become clinically infected, indicating their potential as sentinel species.
Scientists at the refuge call the badger a sentinel species, one that provides clues about the health of its ecosystem.
Such pollution has created the need for an effective biomarker or sentinel species for ecological and health risk assessment (1).
And both the sentinel species issue false-alarm warning cries, Munn reports.
We must heed the warning from the penguins, the polar bears and other sentinel species," said Moss.
The species included in IMPRESS are sentinel species of clean, healthy freshwater ecosystems and of major historical, cultural and economic importance.
Therefore, mallards as sentinel species ensure a high probability of detecting AIV if kept in direct contact with wild water birds.
discovered an error in their article, "Endocrine-Disrupting Effects of Cattle Feedlot Effluent on an Aquatic Sentinel Species, the Fathead Minnow" [Environ Health Perspect 112:353-358 (2004)].
telemetry, population estimation), the sentinel species concept may not be applicable in some instances.