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verb A regional term meaning to inject a drug.


A title used in the UK for a female (e.g., surgeon) who may or may not be married.


Modified Injury Severity Scale. A method for quantifying paediatric multi-trauma injuries (excluding burns). MISS categorising injuries into five body areas (neurologic, face and neck, chest, abdomen and pelvic contents, extremities and pelvic girdle), each with a score of 1 (minor) to 5 (critical with uncertain survival); the total score is the sum of the squares of the three most injured body regions.


Modified Injury Severity Scale Urgent care A method for quantifying pediatric multi-trauma (excluding burns) injuries; MISS is the sum of the squares of the 3 most injured body regions, after the AMA's abbreviated injury scale–AIS, substituting the Glasgow coma scale for neurologic evaluation. See Glasgow coma scale.

Patient discussion about miss

Q. I have missed 2 periods and had my tubes tied. What could be wrong? I went to the doctor and she didnt even do an exam. She said dont worry until I have missed for 6 months.

A. go to enather dr. you have to be shure.

Q. can a woman ger pregnant if she misses a few birth control pills? my girlfriend missed 2 this month and now her period is a bit late. should I be woried?

A. Even on birth control it is possible to get pregnant. Birth control pills are not always 100% perfect in preventing pregnancy. Has she ever missed any pills in the past? Her body may be trying to re-adjust and that can be a reason why she is "late."

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En el caso de Senorita Vodka, los lectores serian estos segundos mirones.
Existen pocas proveedoras de espacio de trabajo en la region y muy pocas son capaces de brindar la tecnologia requerida por este tipo de empresa", agrega la senorita Rendeiro.
Curt Glowacki, Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We are pleased to announce the sale of Michigan-based La Senorita to Indiana-based Hacienda Mexican Restaurants, which we view as a winning combination for both companies.
Nars lipgloss in Female Trouble pounds 17 and lipstick in Senorita pounds 17 The latest collection from Nars is all about shimmering neutrals like this new lilac mauve shade of lipgloss and sheer natural looking lipstick
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A MEXICAN senorita who was set for the chop has been pardoned after planners at a Warwickshire council had a change of heart.
ALAN King had plenty of success at Cheltenham and the Barbury Castle boss can stamp his authority at Aintree as well tomorrow with Senorita Rumbalita expected to put up a bold bid in the John Smith's Novices' Hurdle.
SENORITA RUMBELITA - stood out like a beacon on a low-key afternoon at Folkestone, where her high cruising speed was impressive.
Senorita Rumbalita avoided the last-fence drama of her hurdling debut to keep backers warm in the cold of Folkestone yesterday.
WHO better than that sleazy senorita Rebecca Loos to present a late night "Loose Woman" style show?
Meanwhile, Shipwreck encounters his captain's long-lost love, now a bandit known as Senorita Wildcat, meets a girl himself, and in the end goes back to sea in order to return home and continue his education.
Add to that the videos for Like I Love You, Cry Me A River, Rock Your Body, and his latest, Senorita, and here's a DVD no Justin fan should be without.