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old age

An age in years of a particular individual which reaches or surpasses the average life span of human being. Old age may be regarded as an legitimate cause of death in the UK for a person over the age of 80, when no significant pathology or cause of death can be found after a thoroughly investigated postmortem examination.

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Q. Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age? Hi,Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age?

A. Unfortunately I look older than my age, people say that I look 22-25. However I'm just 20. I'm not a smoker, I don't drink alcohol every week, so I have no idea. :)

Q. I have a 16 month old, I was just wondering what is a good age to indroduce soda? I have a friend who already indroduced soda to her 2 year old. At the time her child was only 13 months.

A. Why give her that? Even as adults, there's no special benefit from soda (or other carbonated beverages), and as a child the nutritionally-poor soda may make your child feel full so he or she may not want to eat more important food such as vegetables or protein.

Q. My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test done during her first trimester, which revealed her blood sugar to be 95 mg/dl. My doctor asked her to go for a 75 g GTT at 6 months and the readings were: fasting sugar - 90 mg/dl, 1hour: 144 mg/dl and 2 hour: 114 mg/dl. At the beginning of pregnancy, her weight was 62 Kg and now she weigh 72Kg. A random sugar test at 32 weeks reported blood sugar to be 105 mg/dl. she continued with her normal food cravings, which were a little high on sugar levels since she mostly enjoyed eating sweets. She wants to know whether or not she suffering from gestational diabetes?

A. Gestational diabetes is also diagnosed based on plasma glucose values measured during the OGTT. Blood glucose levels are checked four times during the test. If your blood glucose levels are above normal at least twice during the test, you have gestational diabetes. Below shows the results for the OGTT for gestational diabetes.

Fasting: 95 mg/dL or higher
At 1 hour: 180 mg/dL or higher
At 2 hours: 155 mg/dL or higher
At 3 hours: 140 mg/dL or higher

So your sister does not have Gestational diabetes.

If you want to know details about gestational diabetes, Visit:

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One PWD and two senior citizens will be hired in every branch of McDonald's in Manila City.
Abella also provided that it is the goal of the city to ensure all senior citizens will be healthier, more active, and be more engaged in the communities, 'and one of the ways of achieving this is investing in their health through this ordinance.'
Budget 2018 increased the threshold of this interest income for senior citizens up to 1.5 million rupees.
The National Commission for Senior Citizens, which will operate under the Office of the President, shall be composed of a chairperson and six commissioner who represent different geographical regions in the Philippines.
'We have to take into account factors such as inflation in reviewing the social pension of our senior citizens,' said Angara, while adding that the coverage of the program can also be expanded further to include those who are receiving below basic pension.
However, sources said that none of those privileges were provided to the senior citizens.
The cabinet's approval of the National Policy for Senior Emiratis has reflected the directions of the leadership led by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to cater to all segments of the society and ensure the wellbeing of senior citizens as part of UAE Vision 2021 and UAE Centennial Strategy 2071.
Senior citizens can start a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit with a minimum amount of INR 25,000 and gain maximum benefits from compounding.
The vast majority of senior citizens who made aliyah in this 27-year period came from the former Soviet Union (82%).
Meher Taj Roghani has stressed need for the practical implementation of the Senior Citizens Act and has urged the authorities of the KP PA standing committee on Social Welfare to play their due role in this regard.
LAHORE -- Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that it is our prime responsibility to take care of senior citizens and adoption of benign attitude towards them as they are the symbol of pride and honour for the nation.
Karachi -- Provincial Minister for Social Welfare Shamim Mumtaz laid foundation stone of Senior Citizens Rehabilitation Center at G-5 Sector of New Karachi which will be completed in June 2018 with a cost of Rs.

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