Senior Moment

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A transient lapse in memory attributed to age-associated memory impairment, as experienced by a senior citizen
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IAN Woosnam was hardly enjoying his senior moment at the US Senior Open in Colorado, finding himself nine shots off the lead after a disappointing first round.
Dr Jameson's A Senior Moment - "How can we blame the kids?
MAY I express my thanks to the Capital taxi driver who very kindly returned my walking stick which, in a senior moment, I left in his cab after a trip into town last Wednesday May 9.
transparency (2003) a policy with a positive spin, promising uncensored exposure of records, moral conduct, and virtue job spill (2002) the phenomenon of work spilling over into personal free time senior moment (2000) an instance of forgetfulness or inability to recall something, typically associated with advancing age
As families gather for the holidays, many might overlook their aging parents' behavior, thinking that it is a senior moment or normal aging, when in fact, there may be a reason for concern.
I READ with interest Richard Nicholls' Senior Moment (November 21) relating to the manner in which money is raised for Children in Need on the Wogan Show on BBC Radio 2.
According to a new book, the senior moment is that little example of forgetfulness, mental dizziness or baffling confusion that meets us all when we reach a certain age.
EDWARD LODGE writing Friday's Senior Moment has hit the nail on the head.
Senior Moment, a unique memory supplement combining two essential brain-specific nutrients, is available at drug, food, mass market and club stores nationwide.
And as the baby boomer population explodes, the demand for products like Senior Moment will only increase.
I will, therefore, confine myself to just one point in response top the Senior Moment columns on April 4 and 25.
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