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Here's the rub: DomainKeys, and to a lesser extent Sender ID, could go a long way toward reducing spam and phishing.
Another drawback to this solution is the ongoing argument over whether Microsoft will be able to retain patents over some of the Sender ID technology; open-source advocates argue that any scheme that requires patent licensing should not become the standard.
announcement by saying that the decision "does not mean Sender ID has been rejected" but that proposed changes would make the standard more flexible.
He said he sees rollout of Sender ID evolving gradually, though there was some discussion about big ISPs enforcing Sender ID support to anybody wanting to send to their users.
FFA UK said that, to make the texts seem authentic, fraudsters use specialist software that alters the sender ID on a message so that it appears with the name of a bank as the sender.
Messaging security company CipherTrust Inc has released data on the adoption of Sender ID Framework and the implementation of Sender Policy Framework (SPF) text record.
Microsoft's Sender ID is one of several proposals that would allow America Online and other Internet providers to check that a message from joe@example.
safe handling of e-mail attachments--authenticating sender ID
Content Management System (CMS) based dynamic bilingual website Design and Development, E-mailer service (Bulk mailers with email template design), SMS alert service ( Bulk SMS transactional) using Sender ID, Social Media Platform Management ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc)
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-12 November 2004-CipherTrust publishes study on Sender ID Framework adoption(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The Index tracks use of the two email authentication methods widely used in the industry today: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) / Sender ID and DomainKeys/ DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).
Using industry standard technologies such as Sender ID, DomainKeys and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), the Iconix service verifies messages before highlighting them with an icon in the user's inbox.