Semple vaccine

Sem·ple vac·cine

a modification of the original (Pasteur) rabies vaccine, formerly widely used in the U.S., prepared from rabbit nerve tissue, inactivated with phenol and administered in 14-21 daily injections; has variable potency and is associated with a high incidence of postvaccinal demyelination.
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Sir David, English physician, 1856-1937.
Semple vaccine - a modification of the original rabies vaccine.
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He also pointed out that in the application of Semple vaccine, a patient had to be administered a doze for 14 consecutive days but in many cases patients would default because of various reasons.
Although the production of Semple vaccine was recently stopped in India it is still produced and used in some Asian and African countries even though safer and more efficacious cell culture vaccines are available (7), (9).
Before the 1980s, nerve tissue-derived Semple vaccine was manufactured using the fixed RABV Beijing strain 3aG, which was isolated in 1931.