Richard W., German biologist, 1859-1918. See: Semon-Hering theory.
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Larry Semon, Daredevil Comedian of the Silent Screen: A Biography and Filmography
Bruce Semon is the first writer to shed light on the hidden practice of feeding poisonous cottonseed to animals which people then eat.
To achieve such a high frequency, Guy Semon, vice president of sciences and engineering at the brand, had to replace the garden-variety balance wheel and spring--a model that's been the standard in portable mechanical watches since the late 1600s--with a system that required 10 different patents.
Saturday's other Hall of Fame inductees are Bob Semon, Janet Fryback, JC Johnson and the late Bill Fitch.
Zera Semon, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was a stage magician, ventriloquist, and artist who played small-time vaudeville, circus, and carnival circuits.
The delegation consisting on Jaffer Jarge, Minister Balochistan, Ghulam Qadir Bugti MPA, Rahat Ajmal MPA,Zubair Mirza MPA, Jamila Aslam,MPA, Nargas Faiz Malik MPA, Fouzia Behram MPA, Khalil Tahir MPA, Nargas Semon MPA,Tahir Naveed MPA and Shagufta Malik MPA, visited the minister in the Interior Ministry, according to a press release issued here.
Public Relations executive Cynthia Semon has found that balance in her work, combining personal values with a thriving career.
At the same time, Semon and Rosenbach hypothesized that the abductor nerve fibers were more vulnerable to trauma than the adductor fibers due to their relative positions in the RLN, abductor fibers being in a peripheral location and adductor fibers in the center.
Certain lexicons specify that the mneme is a concept that embraces both innate and acquired qualities, and that in this sense it was proposed as early as 1904 by the German zoologist and explorer Richard Semon (1859-1918), the essential idea being that "memory is to be considered not merely as a psychic faculty but as an organic faculty.
INDIANAPOLIS--Eldar Aliev, the artistic director of Ballet Internationale of Indianapolis, has staged a new version of Stravinsky's Firebird, with scenery by Semon Pastukh.