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A metalloid that conducts electricity more easily than a true nonmetal but less easily than a metal, for example, silicon, germanium.
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A metalloid that conducts electricity more easily than a true nonmetal but less easily than a metal.
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It was only recently that the property was considered useful in semiconductor materials. Semiconductors with magnetic properties would not only be able to process data, but also store it.
How does it work: Besides possesing self-assembly behavior, the novel semiconductor material is a specially designed polythiophene, which when dispersed in a liquid, forms environmentally stable nanoparticle ink.
In addition to semiconductor materials processing, users can model non-gray specular radiation.
"Until now, there have been [few studies] of the molecular surface chemistry of semiconductor materials," Weinberg says.
In this third edition of a text dedicated to electrical and optical characterization techniques for measuring semiconductor materials and devices, Schroder (electrical engineering, Arizona State University) sets out the latest measurement techniques and examines new interpretations and applications of existing ones, including the more specialized chemical and physical techniques.
In a furnace, a vapor of a semiconductor material, such as indium phosphide, settles on and dissolves into the molten blobs.
To make conventional photovoltaic cells, manufacturers build up layers of semiconductor material, usually silicon, and infuse impurities into the layers to impart desired photosensitive and electronic properties.
Tiny islands of a semiconductor material can spontaneously arrange themselves into a three-dimensional lattice, says Gunther Springholz of the Johannes Kepler University of Linz in Austria.
A team of researchers has applied this rule of thumb to gallium arsenide, the semiconductor material used in the laser elements in compact disk players.
But that wavelength could vary from 2 microns to 100 microns in size, he adds, using the same semiconductor material.

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