Waksman, Selman Abraham

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Selman Abraham, winner of 1952 Nobel Prize for discovery of streptomycin.
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In 1943, a twenty-one-year-old PhD student, working with the respected Rutgers microbiologist Selman Waksman, identified streptomycin from the culture of a chicken's throat.
Where might we be if our parents had not been able to reach, for example, for Selman Waksman's streptomycin, discovered in 1942 (Science as Process)?
I entered the year of my birth and found that Selman Waksman discovered streptomycin and coined the term antibiotic.
Directed at new researchers without the benefit of a couple of decades of work in the field, this explains the initial work of Selman Waksman to produce streptomycin, then proceeds to such topics as the biochemistry and genetics of aminoglycoside producers, mechanics of aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance, the development and action of kanamycin and neomycin class antibiotics, NMR structural studies and RNA interaction, structural comparisons between prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomal decoding, binding of antibiotics to the aminoacyl-tRNA site of bacterial ribosome, the chemistry and biological relevance of metalloaminoglycosides, adverse effects of aminoglycoside therapy, new efforts at targeting HIV-1 RNA, and novel targets for aminoglycosides.
Selman Waksman (see Figure 5) who studied peat soils early in his career indicated that addition of calcium carbonate to soils favors the development of native actinomycetes such as the Streptomyces genera (Waksman 1967 and Waksman and Purvis 1932).