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A term referring to the state of immunologic individuality, defined by the human leukocyte antigens—i.e., HLA-A, -B, -C, etc.—in the major histocompatibility complex—MHC
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85) Galatea's first movement is reflective, "the work of art is selfness as it has been constituted by reflective consciousness.
Federn applied the concept of reflexive cathexis to the internal process of experiencing oneself, one's selfness.
In these earlier, celebratory poems nature, in all of its visible and auditory presence, was seen, felt, and heard as a powerful mediation between his "inscaping" selfness and God.
The individual titles no longer simply stretch out along the shelf; they defy chronology and reveal fresh relationships, becoming in the end one intimate act, the act of an artist with a simple, two-part goal: to be himself through words and to honor the same selfness in us and in the world he shares with us.