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A term referring to the state of immunologic individuality, defined by the human leukocyte antigens—i.e., HLA-A, -B, -C, etc.—in the major histocompatibility complex—MHC
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Ego cathexis: a kind or quality of energy that is the bearer of the essence of selfness.
The experience of selfness is also fundamental to the utopianism of the novel, since those rare moments of creative and joyful selfness provide images of a creative subjectivity that, for Olsen, could flourish under socialism.
Love wants more than love: its movement is nothing but the transformation and metamorphosis of "itself"; its selfness is nothing but the movement of an originary exposition of the self, an exposition without reappropriation and thus without the identity of a principle of will.
35) One recalls Adorno's figure of "abstract selfness in extremis"--"that grinding of the teeth which says nothing but I, I, I," manifesting "the same nothingness that the self becomes in death.
Third, Dillard's exact noticing combines with exact expression to situate the passage in a tradition which privileges inner selfness as both the spring of artistic activity and the starting-point of ontological reckoning.
Each of them constitutes an essential cultural monad, mummified in the sarcophagi of Selfness and Otherness, identity and difference, tradition and modernity.
the mystery of our selfness within our species-hood" (Afterword 508-09), this early and extraordinary novel works in both directions.
Both sides of the soul's development, externalization and inwardization, are teleologically directed toward the full sublation of soul into conscious selfness or Egoity:
Inez, Ianthe, Ingenue, I I I: "abstract selfness in extremis is that grinding of the teeth which says nothing but I I I.
Messiaen's descriptions of being dizzied or overwhelmed by physical phenomena often have an element of danger, the danger of death or the separation of the physical from the spiritual or even the destruction of selfness.