Self Policing

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Referring to any practice in which the members of a profession set and enforce quality-of-care standards and practise parameters
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Even several state attorneys general who have been briefed on the NAD's activities say they are assured that further state intervention into supplement advertising may not be necessary in light of self-policing by the industry itself.
Better self-policing within scientific fields could lead to greater understanding and more useful results.
Golfers are expected to be self-policing. But TV evidence was so conclusive, Woods (pictured below) raised eyebrows when he continued to protest his innocence.
The auditor general reported that state regulators were unable to assure that the radioactive levels of waste brought into Utah was incompliance with state requirements because the division relied too heavily on self-policing by the generators and shippers of the waste.
Instead, it would focus on overseeing a self-policing programme executed by the manufacturers themselves through more than 3,000 of their employees assigned to review safety on behalf of the FAA.
A Facebook spokesman said the network was reliant on self-policing by its global network of one billion users.
The rules are strict, but monitoring is limited as the prototypical honor code applies, with "good self-policing in the Scrabble world," Williams said.
Self-policing can't work and tests must be mandatory.
Rick Ketchum, head of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the self-policing body for the securities industry, said the question is "a matter of regulatory concern" for his organisation and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Much of the discussion takes place in the context of traditional Indian self-policing societies in rural India, where caste 'panchayats' or tribal heads enforce the rules of the community.
The failed pubco model is decimating the pub industry and the Government should tear up the notion that self-policing these industry codes of practice will save it."