Self Pay

A popular term for a person who pays out of pocket for a health-related service in absence of insurance to cover the medical or surgical procedure performed
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Care UK have recently introduced the Four Week Guarantee exclusively to Self Pay hip and knee replacement patients.
To learn more about Self Pay and the Care UK Four Week Guarantee, call the Care UK dedicated Self Pay Advisors on 0333 321 8396 (Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm).
Emersons Green Treatment Centre offers a Self Pay option with treatment guaranteed within four weeks
A multiple regression model was used in order to predict, according to Portney and Watkins (2000) an outcome of reimbursement rates based on identifiable factor such as patients differing sources of insurance Those differing sources included: private (3rd party) insurance, self pay, Medicare and Medicaid.
The payment types varied with Medicare 8%, self pay 23%, Medicaid 52%, private (3rd party payers) at 16% and the remaining unknown source.
The mean amount charges for each type of payer also varied with Medicaid being the highest at $7920, Medicare at $5515, Self Pay at $3221 and private 3rd party payers at $3224.
Balanced mix or Payers incl PIP, Mjr Medical, Self Pay, etc.
Patients who use 'self pay' private treatment could have between 30 per cent to 60 per cent of the bill paid for them.
Self pay is the system used when a patient does not have private health insurance but uses a company such as BUPA for specific treatment, receiving a one-off bill.
The chain is testing a Self Pay Point at one London store in a bid to cut queues at lunchtime.
The majority of patients at Cardozo, are "self pay" -- meaning they have no insurance, no money, and can pay little or nothing.
'In Toryward, instead of patients we would have customers and those that could 'self pay' would expect the Rolls-Royce treatment, while the poor would be left at the bottom of the list.' Tony Blair last night said the 'big dividing line on the NHS' was now clear.