Self Help Group

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Any group of similarly-minded persons who share a problem that is stressful and/or may cause personal, familial, and/or occupational difficulties and who, by meeting regularly, physically or on the internet, provide a social network and support that may not be available from natural—i.e., family—or professional support systems
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Null hypothesis: The associations between the awareness by respondents about the self help group products and the age group of the respondents is not significant.
There are more than 85,000 Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Assam.
Ramnagar,March 24 (ANI): A self help group trains rural women in herbal farming and medicines in Uttarakhand state to make them self reliant.Women of Ramnagar area of Nainital have joined Navjyoti Self Help Group and are being trained in herb farming and making herbal medicines.These women have created a small garden to grow herbs and from these herbs they are making medicines.The self help group consists of 19 women where they make various tonics,syrups and herbal oils.
Mission Shakti was launched in 2001 as a project aiming economic empowerment of women through self help groups and providing them bank loans at low interest for livelihood opportunities.
Although there were a number of reasons why the participants in the survey did not seek help for their disorder or dependency from either professionals or self help groups, the three most frequently reported reasons were:
Bender, The Strength in Us: Self Help Groups in the Modern World (1976) [hereinafter Katz & Bender, The Strength in Us].
Further discussed are mental health services and self help groups for people with vision loss.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has allowed urban cooperative banks (UCBs) to extend loans to self help groups (SHGs), a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion in the country, The Business Standard has reported.