Self Help Group

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Any group of similarly-minded persons who share a problem that is stressful and/or may cause personal, familial, and/or occupational difficulties and who, by meeting regularly, physically or on the internet, provide a social network and support that may not be available from natural—i.e., family—or professional support systems
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The mean rank shows the reasons for the loyalty of the respondents towards the self help group products.
The distribution of the respondents on the basis of the age group and their awareness about the self help group products is presented in table 4 and it indicates that 51 respondents are the age group of 24-30 years and 10 respondents belong to the age group of above 42 years.
Self help groups for people with vision impairments is discussed with emphasis on how they evolved, what services they provide to individuals, and how to form a self-help group.
Pre-Qualification: From janasree / kudumbasree / self help groups (shgs)/registered co-operative societies like indian coffee house/contractors or firms having 2 years experience in providing canteen services in psus
We are going to go from 35 million to about 70 million over the next six to seven years, as part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission and it clearly says that states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, there has been a tremendous impact of these women self help groups and now, if five years ago, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala would be a case of rounding up the usual suspects, but today you can point to Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Orissa and I hope very soon Rajasthan and Assam as well," he added.
This type of fair should often take place because it encourages the self help groups, the self-employment and craftsmen.
Each group displayed its products in a stall and shared the experiences and problems related to products with members of other self help groups.
Rahul was addressing women self help groups working in Argawan and Walipur villages in Gauriganj area of Amethi constituency .
He also visited Food Grain Bank at Argawa village set up by members of self help groups.
V K Shanmugham, the District Collector of Krishnagiri, the Central Government has distributed around rupees 30 crores to the self help groups to help women.
Those involved with the self help groups manage to earn a reasonable income.
Self Help Groups (SHG) that have been backed up by NERCORMP are a joint initiative of the Central Government and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).