selective reduction

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se·lec·tive re·duc·tion

a technique for intrauterine termination of one or more fetuses while leaving one or more fetuses undisturbed, usually in pregnancies with fetal anomalies or with multiple gestations.
Synonym(s): selective termination (1)

selective reduction

Obstetrics Selective termination of pregnancy, see there.

selective reduction

1. In radiography, the reduction of exposed silver halide crystals to black metallic silver, creating a visible image.
2. In oncology, killing or destroying tumor cells or their products with relatively little damage to healthy cells.
See also: reduction

Selective reduction

Typically referred to in cases of multi-fetal pregnancy, when one or more fetuses are aborted to preserve the viability of the remaining fetuses and decrease health risks to the mother.
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The offer of one million pounds from the News of the World may well have affected her decision not to have selective reduction.
A total of 101 foetuses were aborted via selective reduction in 2010, as some mothers aborted two or more unborn babies.
Berkowitz and colleagues suggest that "[a]lthough the risks associated with selective reduction are known, the dearth of experience with the procedure to date makes it impossible to assess their likelihood" (1046).
Selective reduction results in a five-times greater risk of total miscarriage.
Within months a number of couples had to go to court to try to have a selective reduction in cases where serious threats to their health and their pregnancies emerged.
A report by the Oregon Revenue Coalition, which includes labor unions and advocates for schools and social services, recently reported that a selective reduction in state income tax breaks of 25 percent would yield $1.
In this fashion the agonizing decision of selective reduction can be avoided without compromising the chance of pregnancy.
At the time, selective reduction was a very rare procedure.
WHEN I FOUND OUT THAT I was pregnant with triplets, I had three options: a high risk pregnancy, a termination, or a selective reduction.
To give any of them a chance of survival, she should seriously consider a selective reduction.

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