Selective Intervention

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Measures of suicide prevention aimed at a particular subgroup of a population that is viewed as being at a higher than normal risk of suicide
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Within this model, a Universal method includes all individuals regardless of risk, a Selective Prevention comprises individuals or groups on the basis of risk, and an Indicated Prevention targets individuals exhibiting early or mild symptoms of a disorder (National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, 2009).
Considering the entire article focuses on prevention, we are also concerned about the classification of selective prevention utilized in the study.
This work opens the door to selective prevention of adult addiction disorders through interventions addressing some of the newly identified risk factors in childhood and adolescence, although how best to proceed remains unresolved, he added.
Selective prevention focuses on women of childbearing age who may misuse alcohol.
On the other hand, where groups of people were known to be at higher risk, and where the balance of risk against benefits and costs from prevention indicated that universal approaches were not attractive, then selective prevention which targeted preventive measures to higher risk groups was appropriate.
Selective prevention measures are targeted toward sub-groups whose risk is significantly higher than average, and indicated prevention measures are targeted to high-risk individuals who are identified as having minimal but detectable signs, symptoms or markers foreshadowing a disorder.
The investigators contend that "current practices undoubtedly miss opportunities to detect and reduce risks," and they urge further research into the extent to which selective prevention practices have "a positive impact on personal and public health.
Selective prevention approaches target women of reproductive age who drink alcohol.
Selective prevention targets all women in their reproductive years who drink alcohol (although most studies target heavy drinkers).
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