Selective Intervention

Measures of suicide prevention aimed at a particular subgroup of a population that is viewed as being at a higher than normal risk of suicide
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The role of social media in claims goes far beyond just monitoring, analysis and selective intervention, however.
Proteologics is hopeful that by the end of the collaboration we will be able to deliver to GSK a selective inhibitor of an E3 Ligase, the most selective intervention point in the ubiquitin system.
Jinglie stressed that the US and the Western powers seek to turn the Mediterranean into a "NATO's internal lake"; and for this purpose they tried to weaken Syria and Iran to establish a "Great Middle East" through their selective intervention policy which serves the Western interests and ambitions only.
The authors of the article concluded that pre-transplant assessment of donor-specific and nonspecific immune parameters with ImmuKnow "may identify recipients who can benefit from closer clinical and immunological surveillance to allow for tailored immunosuppression and selective intervention aimed at optimizing both short and long-term graft outcome.
However, the selective intervention must be with the few critical players in the network who can help orchestrate multiple behavior changes necessary to break out of the status quo and set the market on a path to the endgame.
There could be direct but selective intervention aimed at altering the educational, legal, economic and information systems in the region.
Like the contributors to the anthology, Lawes observes how literary and philosophical societies enabled men of different occupations to intermingle and goes on to demonstrate how the polarity between Whigs and Tories dissolved as the principle of selective intervention by the government gradually supplanted the philosophy of strict non-interventionism.
The World Bank study evaluated selective intervention policies in East Asia, concluding that promotion of specific industries generally did not work, as industrial growth tended to be market-conforming and productivity change was not significantly higher in promoted sectors.
The appalling Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has yet again highlighted the ineffectiveness of the United Nations as a world peaceke eping force and Massoulie highlights its selective intervention policies.
The country-comparative analysis of Pakistan's economic performance leads the author to argue that if Pakistan had followed some of the policies and strategies that East Asia had followed in the areas of savings mobilisation, export growth, and selective intervention by the government in picking winner industries, Pakistan certainly would have achieved high and equitable growth that was achieved in East Asia.
This highly selective intervention targets the underlying causes of many autoimmune diseases without interrupting normal immune functions.
He is keen to show that there is not one capitalistic system, but several; there is the Anglo-Saxon based one letting the Free Market rule, there are the German and Japanese systems based on guidance and carefully planned, and negotiated, selective intervention by the state.
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