Seldinger, Sven Ivar

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Sven Ivar, Swedish radiologist, 1921–.
Seldinger cardiac catheterization
Seldinger catheter
Seldinger intubation technique
Seldinger method
Seldinger needle
Seldinger retrograde wire
Seldinger technique - a method of percutaneous insertion of a catheter into an artery or vein.
Seldinger wire
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4 - Successive supplies of the cannulation of large vessels using the Seldinger catheter, which is covered with a two-component antimicrobial.
In the first five pigs, correct implantation of the Seldinger catheter and the flow probe was tested by injection of adenosine over a period of approximately 30 min before transporting the pigs to the scanner room.
For vasodilatation, a perfusor was used for locally injecting adenosine via the Seldinger catheter in the femoral artery.