Sven Ivar, 20th-century Swedish radiologist. See: Seldinger technique.
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A dual lumen catheter was placed successfully using seldinger technique.
Subsequently, a 24 Fr intercostal catheter (Thalquick[R]) was inserted by Seldinger technique in the right fifth intercostal space, mid-axillary line.
The POWERWAND, which is placed using the Accelerated Seldinger Technique, promises to improve the inpatient experience while increasing healthcare worker safety.
Tenders are invited for Arterial Canula 20G, Transparent And Xro Catheter With Seldinger Technique Having Antikink Collar Size 20G, 8 Cm .
The device enables clinicians to insert a peelable sheath for PICC or midline catheter placement using the new Accelerated Seldinger Technique (AST).
Tenders are invited for Femoral Arterial Cannula Seldinger Technique 18G , 10 Cm With Straight Guide Wire
The guidewire was inserted using the Seldinger technique and the Melker device inserted over the guidewire.
Tenders are invited for Arterial Cannula 22G,Pur Catheter Radiopaque With Seldinger Technique Strait Guidwire With Flexible Tip 22G, 8Cm
A CVC was placed in right subclavian through a conventional infraclavicular route using Seldinger technique.
All-in-One Introducer Device Enables Accelerated Seldinger Technique for Safer Vascular Access
5; stilettos for intubation 2 and 3 mm; three-way taps, needles for peripheral nerve and plexus with a contact for electroneurostimulation, set for catheterization of large vessels on the Seldinger technique, anesthetic breathing circuit standard for Adults
Under local anesthesia & under strict aseptic precautions right internal jugular vein was cannulated with Seldinger technique & guide wire was passed.